Water Features 

Water features such as koi ponds, water gardens, streams, fountains and waterfalls have become the hottest landscaping trend in America today! Not only do they provide a tranquil and relaxing garden atmosphere for the homeowner, but also add an entirely new dimension to the property. Water features, like other types of landscaping, mature with age, and increase the value of your property more than any other type of home improvement. Today's water gardens are environmentally friendly and completely customized to be installed anywhere.


The term softscape is an expression that covers the use of all living material and manipulation of the earth. We install turf, annuals, bulbs, ground covers, perennials, shrubs and trees! A large portion of our time is spent finding quality plant material. We bring in plants from all over Washington. We pride ourselves on important hand selection of all material we install. All material is reviewed and inspected prior to installation.


The right hardscape elements can improve the appearance, value and function of your landscape. It can turn the natural features of your property into a living space or transform that impossible slope into a terraced showplace. Four Seasons Landscape Construction & Lawn Care can develop your ideas into solid plans or show you possibilities you never imagined.

Hardscaping allows you to mold your site to suit your needs without sacrificing its natural beauty. It can be used to create an interesting landscape on a former pasture, add a pond or expand your outdoor living area. Native or imported stone, modular block retaining walls and interlocking pavers can be used alone or in combination to solve landscaping problems or enhance the look of your site.


Four Seasons Landscape and Lawn Care can create unique rockscapes, which make our client's properties the envy of the neighborhood. We meet with our clients, get a feel of their likes, dislikes and landscape tastes and transpose their dreams into realities.

Our talented staff always seems to exceed our clients expectations when we deliver the completed project. We continue to educate our staff on new techniques, concepts, installation practices and trends. This in turn, delivers quality, and efficient rockscapes which are both eye catching and environmentally friendly.

Whether it is a few decorative rocks or complete hardscape installation, we are the company to choose. Our meticulous and detailed craftsmanship stand out on each and every rockscape installation, which, in turn, makes your property value and curb appeal rise to greater heights.

Retention Walls 

We have many years of experience in building hand stacked retaining walls. Whether the design has called for softly curving lines or straight and rigid form, my workmen have built some of the finest stone walls anywhere. We have also constructed stacked stone retaining walls up to 12 feet in height. We have numerous techniques to make your stone wall unique, such as varying the design and materials used, as well as sizes of stone used in the construction.

Sprinkler Systems 

Four Seasons Landscape and Lawn Care is one of Medina, Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Mercer Island, Seattle's leaders in quality design, the installation, repair, and service and of underground automatic sprinkler irrigation systems.

From complex system installation to the most basic residential sprinkler system, Four Seasons Landscape and Lawn Care provides quality, state-of-the-art irrigation systems. Our system design and commercial grade product combined with proper installation assure you a carefree watering system to beautify your turf and shrubs whether home or away. Nothing can do as much to insure the continued prospering of your landscape, as well as minimize maintenance time and costs, as a sprinkler system that has been properly designed and installed.

Fences, Arbors, Pergolas and Decks 


Complete your outdoor living space with a cozy, warm corner for your friends and family to gather around. Create memories making s'mores, cuddling under a blanket or feeling the warm summer air around you.  We can do above-ground or in-ground fire pits with any type of stone that will fit the style of your home.